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Being a good manager is hard.

Being a good manager is hard. 


It means getting visibility into what people are working on without micromanaging. It’s building trust within the team despite changing expectations and priorities. It requires providing the best communication channels without distracting people with unnecessary meetings.


It’s the mental gymnastics of keeping track of the team’s feedback and career goals without overpromising.


For some, it includes all of the above plus trying to advance your career.


If that wasn't enough, we are overcomplicating management with dashboards and metrics that do not connect directly to what makes a team great. 


If you are a bit like us, you know that, ultimately, what matters is how much people trust each other, a strong sense of autonomy, and how the team communicates. 


This is why rituals like one-on-ones and async check-ins are so important. But these rituals also need an upgrade, and that’s precisely what Collie does. 


We are building Collie so you can eliminate the unnecessary admin and complexity behind managing your team. 


Collie helps you make sure you don’t forget important conversations and feedback. It connects the dots between rituals and makes it easier to follow up on what matters to your team.

Collie is specially designed for remote and fully distributed teams, from 2 people all the way to hundreds. The earlier you start, the easier it is to build the right foundations for effective async communication.


Collie turns good managers into great ones. 


Join our private beta, and let’s build the next generation of team management tools together.

The Team

We are a small, remote, and self-funded company mostly working from sunny California and London UK.

Collie Remote Team Management
Collie Remote Team Management

Join our private beta 

Collie Remote Team Management
Butterfly Collie Remote Team Management
Collie | #1 Remote Team Mgmt | Fast, Simple, and Delightful
Collie Remote Team Management
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