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Say goodbye to meeting yak-shaving 


Forget about taking notes, summarizing calls, remembering to follow up, or writing down tasks ever again. Collie helps you prepare, run, and recap your engineering meetings — all in one place.

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It's time for an upgrade

Why let the way you manage your team slow you down?

The old way

Trying to pay attention to what people are saying while taking notes, creating tickets, and assigning tasks. 

Your notes and agendas are in a very long Google Doc or Notion page. 

You still trying to understand how people really feel about work and the team environment.

Sharing recordings or transcripts knowing nobody is going to watch or read them.

People are still showing up to 1:1s, retros and any other meeting unprepared.

You are still running Retros in fiddly whiteboards and copying and pasting stuff somewhere else.

Keeping Standups on point is hard

Trying to remember who made that decision and when. 

With Collie

Now everybody can focus on the conversation and let Collie take notes and create a summary for the team.

All your meeting notes and action items are centralized and fully searchable.  All in the context of each conversation.

Now, you have an over-time view of the feedback people are sharing. Now, it is easy to Identify signs of burnout and issues quickly.

Missed a call? No biggie. You can share concrete recaps that take seconds to read.

People are prepared for calls. They get agenda suggestions based on actual work in progress and previous conversations.

All your 1:1s, Retros and Standups are nicely structure with templates and real-time collaborative editing. 

All your decisions are automatically documented so you find them easily and share them with other stakeholders

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Collie is pretty smart

Here are some of the tricks Collie can do for you


Get smart agendas and topic suggestions.

Schedule recurrent meetings like 1:1s, retros, and standups. Forget about timezone math.

Structure your meetings with awesome templates for any occasion.


Start your calls with one click.

Collie records and transcribes your calls.

Unlimited participants, reactions and real-time colaboration.


Collie creates a summary of your call and fetches action items for your team.

Collie learns from your meeting outputs and uses this data to generate better agendas and follow-ups.

Keep track of what your team is working on and how they feel about it in one place.

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Collie is constantly learning new tricks 

The more you use Collie, the smarter it gets 

  • What do you mean by “The more you use Collie, the smarter it gets”?
    Every time you prepare an agenda, have a call, or receive an automatic summary, we combine that data with AI to generate more accurate suggestions. Rather than offering just a plain summary of your calls, we understand the context in which your team operates and improve your agenda, task recommendations, follow-ups, and more.
  • Is this a web app?
    Yes, it is. There's nothing to download here, and no plugins are required. Collie is a web app primarily designed for desktop usage. While we don’t have a dedicated mobile app yet, Collie is easily accessible and comfy to use on your phone.
  • Why should I use Collie?
    Collie is about having one place where you can organize your 1:1s, run your retros, get feedback from your team, and host more effective calls where people can actually focus on the conversation. Collie is not just about recording videos and getting great summaries and follow-ups for the team. Collie eliminates all the friction and admin behind the everyday chores of being a manager.
  • What type of meetings can I run in Collie?
    Pretty much all your engineering meetings: 1:1s, retrospectives, team meetings, rubber-ducking sessions, standups, and more; you can even enable asynchronous check-ins to make your status or standup calls more effective and on point. We are just getting started!
  • Can I use Collie for my very small team?
    Absolutely, Collie is designed for teams of all sizes, but especially for small teams that work remotely and love asynchronous communication. Give it a go, you will be glad you did.
  • How will it integrate with my current workflow?
    We are actively building integrations with Linear, Jira, Slack, Teams, and various Calendars. This ensures the outcomes of your meetings aren't solely centralized and improved in Collie but can also be viewed and acted upon in the tools you use daily.
  • What about pricing?
    Well, this is where we need your help. As a beta user, you get to design pricing with us. We want to make sure you get a ton of value for your money. Join our beta and help us build Collie.
  • What about security?
    At Collie, your security is a big deal to us – seriously! With over 15 years of experience in the B2B startup world, we've got your data's back. While we're still in the early stages, rest assured that getting Collie SOC2 certified is high up on our to-do list. Your data's safety is more than a checkbox for us – it's a passion. If you've got any questions about how we keep things secure, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to make sure you feel confident and worry-free. Fire away with your questions at


Calm leaders are more effective

It's time for a system that helps you and your team stay calm. Join our private beta!
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